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Add items to your digital wardrobe

To receive outfit and shopping recommendations and get access to the statistics of your wardrobe, and much more, you need to upload items to your digital wardrobe. 

How to add items to your digital wardrobe?
There are several ways.

These are the steps to add clothing items to your digital wardrobe:

Click on the "+" icon
(bottom centre and in "wardrobe" tab at top right)

Then you have 2 options

  1. Take a photo directly via the app
    To do this, click on "Click to take a picture" at the top

  2. Select a picture you have in your camera roll
    (a self-made photo or a photo form the internet you've saved on your mobile phone)
    To do this, click on "Select from image roll".

    Many webshops have all the pretty pictures available so take advantage of that ;) Or Google "White T-Shirt", "Black Blazer", ... and search for a similar item, save the photo and add to your digital wardrobe.
If you need help email us at, or WhatsApp +3249627884


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