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Organize your wardrobe with lists

Do you also love an organized wardrobe that brings you ease when you open it in the morning? With a digital wardrobe app, you will have an organized wardrobe 24/7. In addition, you can further subdivide your wardrobe by working with lists. 

Here's how to get started with lists

Go to the "Wardrobe" tab (bottom left)

Click on "Lists" (top right)

Click on "+ New list

Give your list a name, e.g. favourite items

Click on "Save

Click on "Close

You are now in your list

Click on "+ add items

Select the items you want 

Voilà your items have been added to your list

Can I rename or delete my list?

Click on the 3 vertical dots

  • Click on "delete" to remove a list
  • Click on "rename" to rename the list

What kind of lists can I create?

The possibilities are endless.

Here are some lists for inspiration for your digital wardrobe:

  • Work wardrobe (especially if your work clothes differ from your weekend clothes)
  • Capsule wardrobe
  • Vintage list (for your vintage scored items)
  • Designer items 
  • Packing list for your next trip (never any more packing stress!)
  • Favourite items
  • Laundry list (for items that are in the wash)
  • Evening wear (Never search for the perfect outfit for a party again)
  • Resell (with garments to sell)
  • ..
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