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Cost per wear: The financial and sustainable benefit of workwear

Cost per wear: The financial and sustainable benefit of workwear

Shopping for workwear isn't comparable with regular shopping. Workwear is an investment you make in your career and presence. Saying that something is an investment object is not another way of saying that something is expensive. There is indeed a financial and sustainable advantage to workwear. This has all to do with the cost per wear.

What is cost per wear?

The cost per wear is a method to better consider purchases of clothing and accessories. Fast fashion items from Zara or H&M initially seem a cheaper purchase. In the long run, however, they cost more money because they break down more quickly and are therefore worn less and replaced more quickly. Moreover, these items are often an expression of a fashion trend, which means that you cannot wear them to every occasion and have to buy more items in order to always look appropriate.

The cost per wear comes down to the fact that the more often you wear something, the lower the cost per wear is.

How do you calculate the cost per wear?

You calculate the cost per wear via the following formula:

price of the item / total number of times you wear it = cost per wear

Of course, this requires a realistic estimate of the number of times you will wear the item. Fortunately, this is fairly easy with workwear.

You can easily take your calendar of a certain period with you. When you are considering the purchase of a particular dress or suit, you can check which occasions you will be wearing it to. For example, you can wear the same dress or costume to a business meeting, networking event or a Sunday brunch with the family. Then see how many meetings, networking events and brunches you have over a period of time, and keep in mind that you like to alternate from time to time. In this way, you can easily arrive at a realistic cost per wear.

A low cost per wear by nature

Work fashion by its nature has a low cost per wear. Thanks to their timeless character, the items themselves have a low cost per wear. Think of the multifunctional blazer, timeless dresses and suits that give you at least three outfits. If we look at the function of workwear and more specifically at the number of hours we spend in a week - not counting sleep - we spend 40-45 % of our time in a professional context. And that's not counting the many networking events, business lunches and meetings outside regular working hours. Moreover, with the right styling, you can wear workwear outside of a professional context. The other way around is often more difficult.

Thanks to its timeless character, you can also give your workwear a break for a certain period of time and then wear it again, still looking stylish.

The sustainable advantage of cost per wear

Not only does workwear with a low cost per wear have financial advantages, it is also much more sustainable. Not only can you wear the clothing for longer, you can also consider reselling the clothing after a certain period of time. In this way your cost per wear becomes even lower and you contribute to a circular fashion industry. And that is priceless.

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