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How to fly in style during your next trip

How to fly in style during your next trip

Whether you're boarding a long flight, a business trip or a weekend getaway, you want to look groomed and stylish. At the same time, you want to wear comfortable clothes. Resist the urge to opt for a pair of sweatpants with these simple tips on how to fly in style and comfort.


7 tips to fly in style

1/ Opt for black (or another dark colour)

Choose black as the basic colour for your outfit. Even if you're going on a summer holiday. Spills of food and drink happen faster than you think. You'll see the least stains on black. Moreover, you have a number of basics items you can create outfits with.


2/ Wrinkle-free clothes

You don't want to arrive at your destination with a completely wrinkled outfit. Especially not when you're being picked up and/or have to leave for a meeting immediately after arriving if you're traveling for work.

Therefore, go for clothes made from a fabric that doesn't crease as easily.

  • Fabrics to avoid: Cotton and linen
  • Recommended: (recycled) polyester, nylon, acrylic (in combination with cotton) and wool.

At The Acquired you will find our travel proof collection of items made from sustainable recycled polyester. They are almost wrinkle-free and therefore easy to wear when traveling or to carry in your (hand) luggage. The items are timeless and versatile, making them easy to style for various occasions.


3/ Keep it warm

Avoid making the mistake of dressing too light for flying, even during the summer months. The air-conditioning in the cabin, the circulation at the airport and the temperature differences between destinations can make you get sick easily. Therefore, choose layers. For example, a top under a t-shirt with a light jumper and a blazer on top. This will also save you space in your (hand) luggage.

Also take a large jumper and/or scarf to throw over you. This is helpful against the air conditioning in the plane and it can serve as a pillow or blanket.


4/ Sunglasses to the rescue

Sunglasses are essential. It is the best and most stylish eye mask and 'do not disturb' sign for your fellow travellers.


5/ Essentials at hand

Make sure you always have all your essentials such as your board documents, some beauty and make-up products for a quick refresh and touch up, tissues, your mobile phone, AirPods, etc. nearby. Put your essentials in a stylish clutch that you can also use for a dinner or party outfit.


Stripe XS-koffer van Hedgren


6/ Rolling in style

Whether you're going on a longer trip, booked a quick getaway or are travlling for a business trip: you need strong hand luggage. An extra win if it is also stylish to roll through the airport.

The Stripe XS suitcase from Hedgren is stylish and, above all, very compact with an optimal use of space. It can hold a weekend's worth of clothes. And thanks to the beautiful colours, you can easily match it with your travel outfit.


7/ Running through the airport in style

Although we are big fans of heels, we still recommend flat shoes for flying. In this case, comfort is key. Without compromising on style.We recommend loafers, a classic shoe or trendy trainers. Choose your footwear according to your other outfits and activities on your trip. This will - again - save space in your (hand) luggage.

With these tips, there's no excuse for not looking stylish the next time you fly. Have a great trip!

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