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How To Organize All Your To-Do's

How To Organize All Your To-Do's

Planning and time management is very important these days. Work, family, social life, working out, doing groceries, side hustles, … It all takes a lot of time. Here are 3 steps to organize all your to-do’s.

3 steps to organize all your to-do’s

1/ Get rid of all those notebooks

First of all, get rid of all those unnecessary notebooks. We are not saying that you cannot have one. We definitely understand that it is appealing to buy those pretty looking notebooks, but you don’t need thousands of them in all different colors and shapes. You also don't need a notebook for every new project. If you like writing things down, invest in 1 qualitative notebook or planner that fulfill all your needs like a month overview, week overview, blank pages, lines, shopping lists, …

The point is that you need to collect all your to-do’s and activities into 1 place. If it’s a planner, a spreadsheet, Evernote, Asana, Google Calendar, … Pick one that works for you and keep on using it.

If you prefer a planner, we can highly recommend SuccesPlanner. They are running a 15% discount. With the code lynn10 you get an extra 10% off.

2/ A backup plan

Now you decided which system you gonna use to collect all your to-do’s, you are already halfway there. You are not always able to write everything down in the system you choose. For example, when you are commuting, working, have no access to the internet, … So when there are things that pop up into your mind, make sure you always have something to write it down before you forgot it. This can be post-its, notes in your phone or a voice recording. Here again, use 1 system and/or place and make sure you regularly and consistenly add them in your main system. 

3/ Turn thoughts into actions

The problem is often we have those creative, valuable thoughts on the most difficult moments (read: the moments we cannot do anything with it). So to prevent that these thoughts or actually necessary tasks go lost, take some time every day to collect all the things you wrote down and make actionable to-do’s of it in the system you choose.

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