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5 Ways To Find Your Place At A New Workplace

5 Ways To Find Your Place At A New Workplace

A new year can include some changes, like a promotion, a new job, a career switch or maybe your first job. The great resignation has also caused many to choose a different career path. Changes go mostly together with stepping out of your comfort zone. It can be terrifying and overwhelm you. You need to adapt yourself to a new work environment, find your place, settle into a new routine, and deal with new people and personalities. Moreover, you can have the pressure to prove that you are the right person for the job and fit in the new office. We all have experienced this situation, one more than the other, or in a different way. To help you survive, we share our 5 tips to find your place at the new office.

1/ Create a routine from the beginning

A routine provides you guidance. If you already have a daily routine, for example from a previous job, try to implement it as much as possible taking into consideration your new position. A new work environment often requires another approach. Maybe you are used to checking your emails the moment you arrive at the office, but your new position requires discussing the plan of the day with your supervisor. If you don’t have a routine, take a look at the routine of your colleagues. You can also ask them. It is a great chance to get to know your new colleagues.

2/ Know your unique selling point (USP)

It is important to know and keep remembering your unique selling points. They gave you the job / task for a reason, so you are seen as an added value for the company. By knowing your USPs, you can act on it, with full self-confidence, and effectively create added value. Offer your unique skills as much as possible. so your peers want to come to you for your expertise and you can together generate an impact.

3/ Focus on building relationships

Having good professional relationships is gold. It´s important to start the relationship with your colleagues, manager and/or boss on the right foot by communicating efficiently and effectively. Maintain a high level of transparency with your work, take initiative, ask questions and consider what you can do for another. 

4/ Dare to ask

Not everything will go smooth in the first days and weeks. That’s okay. But take ownership by asking as much as possible. You probably don’t want to disturb your boss and colleagues all the time, but better asking to prevent then actually making mistakes. Ask questions on anything that is confusing – from weird industry acronyms to how to use the printer – with a cheerful, curious frame of mind. Moreover, your directness will be appreciated by coworkers and avoids you wasting precious hours trying to do it yourself. Always ask for help when you need it! And if your asking is questioned, consider whether this is the workplace for you. 

5/ Be proactive

You need to find your way in when you are new at the office. Be an active listener, take initiative, and observe. If you see you can do something or be helpful somewhere, do it. Your employer and colleagues also need to adapt to the new situation. Help them out where you can and be understanding if they cannot help you out from the beginning and give you the structure you need. You can already learn a lot from observing how others make it work.

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