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Behind the brand: 29th October

Behind the brand: 29th October

29THOCTOBER is a Belgian Fashion House and was founded in 1992. They specialise in sustainable leather, suede and shearling clothing for men and women. The brand combines creativity, style and comfort in a way that can only be crafted by professional craftsmen. The creations are made by professionals who work in the brand's workshops in the heart of Brussels. It is a place where know-how, passion and an eye for detail go hand in hand.

What characterises 29THOCTOBER, even more, is passion and family. In 2018, the 29THOCTOBER team grew with Benjamin and Lucie, the children of founder Manufer. It's with Lucie that we have an interview to hear more about 29THOCTOBER, the new vegan leather collection, why every working woman should have a leather item in her work wardrobe and what we can expect next.

The story of 29th October goes back to 29 October 1961.What was the impetus behind the brand 29THOCTOBER?
The 29th of October 1961 is the birthday of my father. He learnt the craft in leather workshops in Istanbul at the age of 11 and arrived in Belgium in 1981. He then founded his first ateliers in Brussels in 1984, and after having put his know-how at the service of prestigious and renowned Belgian Fashion Houses, he had the ambition to create his own Maison de Couture. This is how 29THOCTOBER was born. Since then, our house is a place of craftsmanship and creativity, where family is the main driver.

What inspired you to create the vegan leather collection?
Society is changing, and so are consumption patterns. As a fashion house, we are confronted with it like any company. We also face innovation in the fashion sector, and it is part of our duty to stay abreast of the latest developments, especially when it comes to raw materials that are closely or remotely related to leather.
The vegan trend is a fact, we face it as a house specializing in leather and perceive the development of vegan leather as an opportunity to diversify rather than an obstacle. In addition, we have chosen to work with natural vegan leather that meets our values of sustainability. As a house of creation, we believe that it is important to offer alternatives to real leather, at least for people who do not want to consume anything that comes from animals.

Why should a working woman have a leather item in their work wardrobe?
To me, leather is one of the most beautiful materials. It is timeless and its aspect gets even more beautiful with time. In addition to their preciousness, leather clothes are strong and provide confidence when they are worn. That is why I think every woman should have at least one leather piece in her wardrobe.
How do you want customers to feel when they’re wearing your pieces?
We want them to feel strong and mainly comfortable because we believe feeling good in what you wear is the first step to expressing your personality through your style.

Why is it so important to invest in high-quality products?
Because at 29THOCTOBER, we believe high-quality rhymes with timelessness, with sustainability and transparency, with raw materials beauty, with happy workers, and eventually, with concern for our planet. It makes more sense than ever before to be aware of what we, as human beings, consume and to be responsible for how we consume.

What can we expect to see of 29THOCTOBER in the near future?
We have the ambition to become a Fashion House that dresses men and women from head to toe, so our next step will probably be the development of a fabric collection for men. We also plan to expand internationally by the end of 2022.


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