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Rachel Pieterse

Rachel Pieterse - Photo credits Ilsoo van Dijk

In the "Acquire Her Day" blog series, we talk with remarkable women who have mastered the art of blending career, style and well-being in their daily lives. They give us a glimpse of their morning and dressing routines, how they use style as a tool for self-expression, empowerment, and overall wellness.

I with Rachel Pieterse a year ago at a Harpers Bazaar Business Club event. Her timeless style combined with a sheer form of elegance immediately caught my eye. When I also discovered that Rachel has successful marketing and PR campaigns for Gucci, Chloé and Harper's Bazaar to her credit and now runs her own agency ST. PORTMANTEAU - with business partner Nadja Nadorp, I couldn't help but ask her to reveal her secrets.

On her morning routine

Since I made the step from being employed to entrepreneurship at the beginning of this year, I try to organize my days based on my natural rhythm. During my ideal morning I wake up without setting an alarm followed by a Core40 workout and coffee during a walk. I always hope one of my friends is around to catch up before we start our days. I am grateful that I can spend my mornings this way and it feels like the ultimate luxury.

On her dressing routine

You can count on me wearing athleisure wear 9 out of 10 times, preferably a matching legging and top combined with a sweater or blazer. Everyone close to me knows that you will never find me in jeans at home and if possible not outside the door either. This makes my morning dressing routine simple and brings me comfort throughout the day.

When it comes to choosing an outfit, I absolutely go with the flow, which regularly ends up in last-minute outfit dilemmas when I need to go somewhere. I am self-conscious that I choose my outfits based on how I am feeling that day, so I let go of good intentions to prepare outfits in advance. With the exception of holidays or special occasions, I take the time to put together my looks and preferably purchase a number of new items.

My go-to outfit? When I really go for it, there couldn't be a bigger contrast with the athleisure wear: open heels, always - yes, also during the winter - combined with trousers and a fitted top.

I'm also someone who likes to have an overview and that is exactly what The Acquired provides. It also provides new inspiration on how to recombine existing items in your wardrobe.

On her personal style

My personal style is minimalistic and simple but put together. I try to minimize my Instagram usage, but from time to time I do enjoy discovering different accounts and saving inspiration. These are often Scandinavian women that are the source to the most beautiful brands. In addition, I can completely lose myself in the MyTheresa app and create outrageous wishlists.

The majority of my wardrobe consists of mainstream and affordable brands. One of my most important values ​​when purchasing new items these days is that I ask myself whether I am really going to wear it more often and not just buy it for an occasion, although I must admit that I still have a long way to go here .

They say that your outfit can boost your confidence. Personally, I always feel the best when I look natural and healthy. My outfit is more of a complement to that. But wearing a look that suits you entirely uplifts your total appearance.

On style and wellness

Having a personal style gives you peace and focus, from your purchasing behavior to your daily routines, which contributes to your well-being in its entirety.

Moreover, because my outfits are so simple and comfortable for most of the week, it takes little time and I can focus much more on how I feel and comfort throughout the day. I am someone who often gets into the car in the morning and do not change in between. So I prefer to wear an outfit that is suitable for everything.

Her wardrobe essentials

To mention some of my favorite items: For sportswear I recently discovered how comfortable PANGAIA is, especially the sports bra and cropped training top; For a holiday, I order my bikinis and dresses from Bayu the label and combine it with a rattan tote from Loewe and sunglasses from Yves Saint Laurent or Celine. Perhaps surprising given the size, but the Jacquemus Le Bambino is one of my most used bags lately.

Most powerful advice to other women to acquire the day

There is nothing more important than ending your day with intentions for tomorrow. Create a moment every evening to reflect so you can wake up in the morning with positivity and an open attitude.

Photo credits: Ilsoo van Dijk for Harper's Bazaar.

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