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Kunoka's Impact Dressing Event

Kunoka's Impact Dressing Event

Kunoka, the sustainable shoe brand from Ghent and known for the iconically designed Kunoka sneakers, organized an Impact Dressing Event on Friday, March 15. On the program? An inspiring afternoon with innovative insights into what your wardrobe can do for your personal appearance. The Acquired was invited to introduce the Kunoka ladies to the digital closet and how they can get started with it themselves. Here's a little recap of the Kunoka Impact Dressing Event.

Kunoka Ghent: The place to be

The guests were received in the Kunoka showroom in Ghent with a welcome drink. Nice conversations soon arose between the ladies and there was an enthusiastic atmosphere.

Around 2:30 PM everyone was escorted to a beautifully decorated room where a well-stocked Kunoka Goodie bag was waiting for the ladies.

Veerle Raemdonck about authentic visibility

The first guest speaker was Veerle Raemdonck. She introduced her Shining Four: Veerle's unique method that strengthens your professional appearance from the inside out. The Shining Four contains color, styling, empowerment and interpersonal impact. This way you can make yourself visible in an authentic way.

A very fascinating explanation. Although we at The Acquired already know a lot about personal styling and color to integrate into the digital closet, we have also discovered new tips and tricks. This way you see that you have never finished learning and can always strengthen each other. That is why we at The Acquired are working hard to develop an ecosystem with partners around your digital wardrobe to always provide you with the most up-to-date products and services of the highest quality.

Kunoka shoes in your digital closet?

Then the time had come. Founder Lynn Mikolajczak was allowed to introduce The Acquired at the Kunoka Impact Dressing Event.

Lynn Mikolajczak from The Acquired talks about the benefits of a digital closet

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear

The opening line “Who knows that feeling, A wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear? was an immediate success and was recognized by many ladies.

Lynn talked about her own “clothing crisis” to show that it is an issue we all face. The fashion world, social media and magazines condition us to follow every new trend. Trends that often do not suit us - our authentic personal style - at all.

That's why we end up with a wardrobe of which 70 to 80% we don't wear.
The most shocking figure was that we let an average of EUR 10,000 worth of clothes gather dust in our wardrobe.

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear - The Acquired digital wardrobe app

A polluting fashion industry

Having so many clothes in our wardrobe while we struggle with a polluting fashion industry that is responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions and 20% of the world's total water pollution is not sustainable.

Fortunately, we can make a difference by making more conscious choices in and with our wardrobe.

But how?

The benefits of a digital wardrobe

By wearing a garment for nine months longer, you reduce your ecological footprint by 30%. Also by choosing to buy less, better and more sustainable - such as the sustainable KUNOKA sneakers - you contribute to the planet and also reduce the cost per wear for yourself.

A digital closet allows us to get the most value out of our wardrobe by...
to manage our clothing in a more sustainable way, to appreciate what we already have and to buy better and more consciously.

Lynn listed the advantages of a digital closet to inspire the ladies at Kunoka by the possibilities that a digital closet offers.

How do you digitize clothing?

Lynn Mikolajczak shows the ease of digitizing your clothes

A question that is often asked as soon as we explain the concept of the digital closet is “how do I digitize my clothing?”

Using a fully detailed guide, we explained how to digitize your clothing in general, for specific items and for shoes and handbags.

Would you also like to receive the guide yourself?
Download the guide in Dutch here or in English here .

Kunoka shoes in your digital wardrobe

Finally, Lynn made a unique offer to the Kunoka ladies, giving them the opportunity to experience The Acquired with their Kunoka shoes already present in their personal digital closet.

This way they can be the founders of the digital closet revolution and contribute to the future of how we approach fashion, style and sustainability.

Do you also want to be part of the digital closet revolution?
Register here now and receive 1 month of premium for free at launch.

A successful afternoon at Kunoka

We ended the afternoon with a high tea full of goodies and a nice networking moment. Kunoka shoes were fitted with enthusiasm and inspiring - and especially connecting conversations - lasted until the evening. Everyone went home happy to start the weekend.

Do you feel like organizing an event yourself and are you looking for an interesting keynote and/or workshop? Contact us and we will be happy to introduce The Acquired's digital wardrobe app to your guests.

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