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How to create your account for your digital wardrobe

To start your digital wardrobe journey, you will need to create an account. 

STEP 1: Your Login
Leave your email and create a password

STEP 2: Complete your profile
To complete your profile, we ask the following data:

  • First name - we like to connect on a personal level
  • Last name - You can use your initial or a short version if you feel more comfortable with it
  • Gender - We want to give you the right recommendations
  • Country - We want to expand the brands and services we recommend nearby you based on our principle glocal (expand global, act local)
  • Date of birth - we want to wish you a happy birthday and make our recommendations even more personalized 

STEP 3: Add your profile picture
You can also add another picture that inspires your - or from your dog or cat.

You created your account successfully.
Now, you can log in with the e-mailadress and password you added in the first step!

Don't forget the confirmation in your mailbox. We have some great e-mails prepared for you to help you get started.

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