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Your wardrobe statistics

Thanks to a digital wardrobe, you finally get insight into which items and outfits you are (not) wearing. The statistics can help you take better care of your frequently worn items (e.g. via a repair and care service), give unworn items a last chance or sell, rent, donate or recycle them and make better shopping choices. 

Where can I find my wardrobe statistics?

Go to the "Profile" tab

Scroll down to "My Wardrobe Stats"

You will now see the following statistics:

  • Percentage of your created outfits that you actually wear
  • Which items you wear a lot (Most worn items)
  • Which items you wear little or not at all (Least worn items)
  • Your most worn outfits

Attention: Don't forget to log your outfits!
To get insights into your wardrobe statistics, it is important that you mark your outfits as worn.

Click on an outfit
Scroll down
Click on the green "Worn x times" button.
The counter will increase by 1.

You can click on the button several times in a row if you want to log your outfit multiple times at once (and of course, if you have worn it that many times).

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