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Outfit colour combinations for a transition from winter to spring

Outfit colour combinations for a transition from winter to spring

Colours are often associated with seasons, with brighter hues for spring and summer and muted, dark colours for the winter. Although, why not combining the best of both world? With these outfits, you are still warmly dressed for winter, but the colour combinations already give a hint of spring.

Orange and grey
We know grey as the typical corporate - maybe boring - colour. A warm shade of orange paired with cool grey counterbalance both colours perfectly. It brings orange out of the autumnal realm and into winter and gives grey the extra warmth and joy.

Butter and beige
For a more colourful take on all-neutral look, swap out shades of cream or white with a buttery shade, which pairs beautifully with beige. It gives the idea of a monochromatic look, while you are still making your outfit interesting with combining different shades. if you're concerned about looking too springy, opt for traditional winter pieces like knits and coats.

Baby blue and cream
This colour combination works well in every season. Althought, the colour combinations has a bit of a winter wonderland vibes, with the freshness of Spring already in mind. Introducing cream and beige items instead of grey or white adds warmth and richness, making the look less cold and more approachable.

Pink on pink
A monochromatic outfit looks chic and is easy to create. While we typically reach for neutrals, we are all about punchy shades of pink this season. Who said you cannot wear pink to work?


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