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WORK OUTFITS: Work week 10/01 - 14/01

WORK OUTFITS: Work week 10/01 - 14/01

Some have already completed their first work week of the new year, others are going back into work mode this week. Either way, you'll enter the new work week in style in these work outfits.


Back to business

Suited without compromising on comfort. This double-breasted blazer blouse has the structure of a blazer and the comfort of a blouse. The best of both worlds.

Feminine with a touch of festive

Still a little bit in a festive mood? This off red dress is a wink to the Holiday season and a look ahead to February. The wrap model is super comfortable and suits every body shape.


Online working from home

Working from home but a lot of video calls? Add a colourful blouse to stand out on the screen and lift up your mood.


Connecting Thursday

Is your 2022 goal to have more meaningful connections with other professionals? Opt for a beige monochrome outfit when you go to a network event. 


Afterwork Friday drinks

Enjoy your afterwork Fridays drinks in these bold yet classy leather trousers. During the day you can put a blazer over it. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral or opt for a colourful blouse if you like to stand out.

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