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The Core Style Method Might Be the Secret to Mastering Personal Style

The Core Style Method Might Be the Secret to Mastering Personal Style

No matter who you are, personal style is challenging to master. With ever-evolving trends, even those who feel they have a complete handle on their style can feel lost. If you feel like you have a closet full of clothes but never anything to wear, the Core Style method and using a digital wardrobe app might be the answer.

What is the Core Style method?

The Core style method is as simple as it sounds. It's identifying your core style. Naturally, we always go towards certain items we like and feel good about them. Taking a closer look at your items and identifying what you really like about them, will make you discover a pattern, your core style. Moreover, our core style is also influenced by the values ​​we pursue. Your values ​​can be professional, consistent, and successful, which will lead you to a more classic style. Maybe, it is balanced, calm, and comfortable. In that case, your core style will be relaxed casual.

I invented the core style method to help individuals figure out the personal style that's already within them and their closet as I figured out that on the surface we think our closet is a mismatch of different styles, but in the core, there is clarity. You just need to (re)discover it and use your items right.

Before you panic, remember that your core style can be influenced by another style at any point in time.

When you are young and just graduated and you have a classic core style, you will love wearing suits and shirts to support your career, but when you are at an age where you are more into family life, your classic style will reflect itself in more comfortable items like a cashmere knit. Still classic yet comfortable.

How do you find your Core Style?

The first step in finding your core style is an assessment. A solid rummage through your closet is the first step. As you go, put aside your most worn items. You can do this in your closet or a separate clothing rack, but also by uploading those items in a digital wardrobe app. Once your room has been completely taken over by a mass pile of clothes, try to take a step back—in both a literal and metaphorical sense. Ask yourself: What makes my go-to's my go-to's?

Maybe you love that blazer you wore twice this week because of its oversized fit. “Oversized” can now be in the running for a Comfortable Casual core style. Or do you like the blazer because it's tailored or because it has that bright color? Then your core style can point to Classic or Eccentric, respectively. Nothing is right or wrong, but being honest with yourself here is key.

Your core style will depend on a few things.

The values ​​you want to express with your style, the color palette of your closet, the patterns and fabrics you like, and the accessories you love. If you have mastered your personal style, it probably won't be hard to come up with yours. If you have difficulties with looking for your style to evolve, I made it easy for you by creating a 4-minute style quiz that will do the math for you and give you the direction you want to go with your style.

Moving forward, you now have the framework of your closet. You can also call it your fashion “north star".

Let your Core Style help you through your fashion highs and your fashion woes. If you're looking for new items, take your Core Style with you the next time you walk into a store. The Core Style method can really steer you in your transition from a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear to a closet full of clothes you actually wear.

How I found my core style

When I was in my teenage years, I had a really hard time finding my style as I was always influenced by how other people were dressed, trends, and celebrities. It was the moment I bought my first suit, I felt like “Wow, this is it”. It was at that moment I embraced I have a more classic style. And looking back, I grew up with parents who put on a suit when they stepped out the door. So it's logical I also lean into a more classic style, but I neglected it for a long time because I wanted to fit in.

I also experienced that the planet indeed keeps on spinning.

When I was still in law, my Classic core style also made total sense. The typical black and navy suits were the right fit for me. Now, that I have my own business the way I create outfits changed. To give an example: I work more from home, so I have a more casual style, so a typical outfit would be jeans with a turtle neck. The items are still very classic, but it has influence from the Casual Chic style.

This is to illustrate that your Core Style stays the same and your wardrobe will still be cohesive, but how you select your items and create outfits can change.

Still can't figure out your Core Style? Book your style analysis here

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